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Tuesday, March 1

Fabric Find: Rubie Green

Rubie Green, a fabulous line of environmentally savvy upholstery fabrics, is the brainchild of Michelle Adams. Michelle, a former staff member of Domino Magazine, recently created the online magazine, LonNY and serves as its Editor in Chief. Simply put, she knows her stylish stuff and her fabric patterns and colors are divine. Best of all they are printed on 100% organic cotton.

East Village in Raspberry has to be my favorite pattern & color combination. I'm seriously considering buying fabric for pillows to dress up my couch.

Rubie Green: East Village (Raspberry)
Rubie Green: Patsy (Gray) on sides/ East Village (Raspberry)  in middle
Other contenders are Tillinghast and Mary (Black). Be sure to check out all the patterns and color combinations for yourself. 

Rubie Green: Tillinghast
Rubie Green: Mary (Black)

{Images: Patrick Cline via Rubie Green website}

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