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Monday, March 21

Apartment Crush

I found this charming and stylish apartment in Living Etc. This "Eclectic Mansion Flat" is the Hyde Park home of Vogue UK stylist Pippa Holt who's used her brilliant fashion sense to create a space that is both modern and sophisticated as well as vintage and quirky. 

I spy my ikea sofa...I like the mix of traditional sofa and lamp with lucite console and coffee table and the large floral rug. And, good use of the mirror to reflect light in a dark space!

Who doesn't love a fireplace? Even a streamlined one. I'm also admiring the glass frame around the fireplace mirror. 

I've always liked the use of mix-matched chairs around a dining table. It makes is really casual and homey feeling. Pippa's used her modern chair collection here...and a great antique chandelier above to add a little drama and flair.

Ahh, the bookshelf - I love a good bookshelf. Look at how tiny this kitchen is, I don't think I could survive. She's even cleverly used her wallpaper to cover the fridge. 

{Images via Living Etc.}

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  1. lovely images! happy new week!