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Friday, February 25

Brick, re-Exposed

My position on exposed brick walls is very simple. PAINT THEM. At least I thought it was. Recently I've come across more and more interiors utilizing exposed brick. And I have to admit, for the most part, I like what I'm seeing.  Here are some of the images that helped change my mind.

I think this bedroom may have been the real game changer. I love how they positioned the bed beneath a "brick headboard" created out of what must have been a archway or fireplace that was bricked up at some point.

Of course, my recent conversion to exposed brick comes with a few ground rules...I think that the space where you choose leave brick unpainted needs to have a tremendous amount of natural light to keep the space feeling airy and bright versus dark and heavy (picture a basement with only small window wells, ick.) In the same vein if you plan to paint trim or nearby walls I would caution against using too dark of a color to prevent a boxy, dark feeling. 

What are your thoughts or experiences with brick walls?

{Images via Pinterest}

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