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Saturday, February 19


How amazing is this Kindle cover by Kate Spade? My Kindle has been after me for months now about a more stylish cover. Woefully the only thing preventing me from clicking the "Buy Now" button is that is doesn't have a built in reading light like my current utilitarian case. I know I could always buy an attachable light but come on who wants to have to carry around another darn piece of technology with them everyday. For now, I'll just have to dream about owning a more stylish case.


P.S. Yes, I LOVE my Kindle. I fought e-readers for a long time before I took the leap but I'm so glad I did. Not only do I save a lot of money on books that I probably won't read twice  but I can now carry around as many books as I like when traveling without sacrificing suitcase real estate. However, my friends mourn my purchase as Casa Allison is no longer known as "The Library."

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