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Monday, February 28

Monday Morning Inspiration

May the sun
bring you new energy by day,
May the moon
softly restore you by night,
May the rain
wash away your worries,
May the breeze
blow new strength into your being.
May you walk
gently through the world and know
its beauty all the days of your life. 

~  an Apache Blessing

Friday, February 25

Brick, re-Exposed

My position on exposed brick walls is very simple. PAINT THEM. At least I thought it was. Recently I've come across more and more interiors utilizing exposed brick. And I have to admit, for the most part, I like what I'm seeing.  Here are some of the images that helped change my mind.

I think this bedroom may have been the real game changer. I love how they positioned the bed beneath a "brick headboard" created out of what must have been a archway or fireplace that was bricked up at some point.

Of course, my recent conversion to exposed brick comes with a few ground rules...I think that the space where you choose leave brick unpainted needs to have a tremendous amount of natural light to keep the space feeling airy and bright versus dark and heavy (picture a basement with only small window wells, ick.) In the same vein if you plan to paint trim or nearby walls I would caution against using too dark of a color to prevent a boxy, dark feeling. 

What are your thoughts or experiences with brick walls?

{Images via Pinterest}

Thursday, February 24

The Perfect Hideaway

Browsing through the February/March issue of Elle Decor while waiting at the airport I was stunned by the intense beauty of the A Jewel of a Home in Morocco article featuring the Marrakech home of Liza Bruce and Nicholas Alvis Vega. The artistic couple utilized colors, styles and craftsmanship unique to the region including the wonderful geometric patterns of traditional Islamic design and the vibrant colors used in local clothing. Below are a few of my favorite images, for the full article and images please visit Elle Decor's website.

I'm really drawn to the geometric patterns used throughout this home. The use of the mirrors in the patterned wall of the bathroom is genius creating instant visual appeal while reflecting light to brighten the space naturally. 

The many outdoor spaces are no less spectacular. The pops of vibrant color among the greenery is marvelous. I am especially obsessed with the lush oasis of the turquoise pool surrounded by the papyrus and palms and those divine magenta lounge areas. Morocco is definitely going on the "Travel Destination" list. 

{Images: Simon Upton via Elle Decor}

Wednesday, February 23

Sunny Escape

Today I will land in sunny Florida for a much needed mini-break to catch up with family, friends, and my canine brother. I promise pictures and posts from the sunshine state meanwhile there will still be posts most every days so check back often.

Time for a fashion fix: below is my dream "lunch and shop" ensemble. The actual look will probably be similar but probably feature a plain J.Crew knit dress and a white jean jacket because that is what is in my closet. <Sigh>

Espresso Break

Tuesday, February 22


I am obsessed with this festive tasseled garland available from Confetti System. I first discovered its amazingness on Apartment Therapy in a house tour post of fashion and lifestyle blogger Emily Schuman (Cupcakes and Cashmere) and I haven't stopped thinking of where I would use it in my apartment...

{Image via Confetti System}

Emily Schuman used it to dress up a large wall in her home office. Love the way the colors of the tassels play on the ballet pink walls.

{Image: Bethany Nauert via Apartment Therapy}

However, given the rather staggering price tag of $130 (makes sense given every order is hand made) I think I may attempt to replicate it myself. The tassels are made out of tissue paper, how hard can it be? Famous last words. I'll let you know.

Fashion for your table

This brainchild came to me after finding a stack of this little beauty at my local Marshalls...
Flipping it over my chin hit the floor. It happens to be from Kate Spade's line of Fine Dinnerware and China by Lenox. There may have been an silent squeal on my part - only silently because I didn't want to attract any competition for my find. Sadly I decided to leave without purchasing them only because I have a turquoise and aqua theme going currently for my kitchen and table. I did do some investigative work when I returned home.

Here are a few of my favorite Kate Spade choices. If I'd seen that turquoise plate at Marshalls you better believe it would be currently living at my apartment.
Kate Spade: Gwinnett Lane
Kate Spade: St. Kitts Exeter Road

Kate Spade: Market Street (available in four color choices, Blue, Pink, Green, Espresso)

Not only does Lenox feature Kate Spade but they also have a line of fine dinnerware by Marchesa (of red carpet and wedding dress fame). Like their fashion counterparts the Marchesa designs are stunningly beautiful. The elegant designs and ornate finishes definitely make them "special occasion" choices rather than everyday dining - perfect for wedding registries. Below are the collections that catch my eye.

Marchesa: Painted Camellia

Marchesa: Palatial Garden

{Images via Lenox website}

Monday, February 21

I want to go to there

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! It's like an adult treehouse. Perhaps I'm so enamored with this room with a view because I always wanted a tree house but growing up in Florida put the kibosh on that dream. I can see myself lazing about with a cup of tea and fantastic books while listing to some kind of moody/soulful music. 

{Image via Pinterest}

Happy Monday

Here's to a productive day to all whether you're at work or finishing up your three-day weekend. I'm hoping to get some blog work done today while squeezing in a much need mani/pedi before Yoga. Check back later on today for more posts.

{Image via Studio Mela}

Saturday, February 19


How amazing is this Kindle cover by Kate Spade? My Kindle has been after me for months now about a more stylish cover. Woefully the only thing preventing me from clicking the "Buy Now" button is that is doesn't have a built in reading light like my current utilitarian case. I know I could always buy an attachable light but come on who wants to have to carry around another darn piece of technology with them everyday. For now, I'll just have to dream about owning a more stylish case.


P.S. Yes, I LOVE my Kindle. I fought e-readers for a long time before I took the leap but I'm so glad I did. Not only do I save a lot of money on books that I probably won't read twice  but I can now carry around as many books as I like when traveling without sacrificing suitcase real estate. However, my friends mourn my purchase as Casa Allison is no longer known as "The Library."

Friday, February 18

Errand Running Style

Who says that errand running can't be stylish? Here's the look I'll probably rock tomorrow while out and about picking up the dry cleaning, grocery shopping, lunching with friends and window shopping. I added in the Barbour jacket because it is supposed to be fiercely windy here tomorrow and waxed jackets are impervious to the elements. I first discovered this when I lived in Scotland. How I got on before my Barbour? I have no idea.

Jacket: Barbour
Sweater: J.Crew
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Earrings: Charm & Chain
Bracelets: Alex and Ani
Boots: Frye
Jeans: Madewell

Cabin Fever

I don't know about my fellow New Englanders but I'm ready for the warm weather to return. I can't wait to be able to utilize the great outdoors as an extension of my living space. My already tiny apartment is feeling smaller by the day. As there are still some months before this is possible here are a few stylish outdoor spaces to tide us over.

Wouldn't morning coffee taste much better at the charming bistro set nestled underneath the cascading bounty of flowers pictured below? Or how about sitting amongst the enchantment of overgrown splendor while you sip lemonade?

How much would you love to curl up with a great book or magazine in this beachy covered porch? Imagine the windows open filtering in the salty sea breeze and the tranquil sound of crashing waves. Yep. I'm there. Oh wait, no, those are the sounds of cars flying by, not waves...

Image: Simon Upton via House Beautiful 

I'm loving the outdoor dining room below. That chandelier is genius, it must look phenomenal in the evening with the candles lit! I'm also really enjoying the look of those gold chairs though I have to admit they don't look like they would be that comfortable to sit in all evening...

Image: Reed Davis via House Beautiful