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Thursday, April 24

Delightful Design: Country Cottage

Maybe it's the lush gardens with their english country feel or the whimsical cottage interior but I fell hard for this country home featured in the latest issue of House & Home. Slathered in white paint from walls to floor, the cottage's interiors mimic the verdant paradise just outside it's walls with accents of green, blue and natural linens. I'm dying over the little seating area with which rattan chairs and green velvet ottoman. How amazing would it be to curl up there with the windows thrown open, rain or shine. I'm also crushing on the airy, rustic kitchen. Whitewashed brick and slate floor paired with some industrial features is a masterful mix. 

{Photography by André Rider via House & Home}

Wednesday, April 23

Living in Sleepwear

I spent the majority on the past three days camped out in my bed recuperating from the, always lovely, stomach bug. And after cycling through most of my sleepwear I'm reevaluating my casual and cost effective approach of old college shirts and a threadbare pajama bottoms. Surely some of these delightful options would have made me feel better faster, no? Alright, maybe that's the lightheaded-saltine-gatorade diet talking but you can't argue that these pajamas do look appealing.

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Wednesday, April 16

A Beloved Townhouse Transforms

The townhouse that launched a thousand home redesigns has been transformed.  I suppose we should have expected this day would come when J.Crew's Jenna Lyons sold her Brooklyn townhouse a few years ago.  I've got to hand it to the designers at Roman and Williams, it take a lot of courage and guts to remake a design icon. At first I was convinced there was no way I'd like the new design however I was pleasantly surprised with the new digs. Very much a departure from the yellow, gray and black bohemian vibe Jenna had going on but I think all the leather, mix of antiques and vintage pieces works just as well in this architectural gem. I'm allowed to like both designs, right? What do think of this interior transformation? 

{Images via Roman and Williams