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Friday, November 21

Throws: A Winter Home Essential

This weather, what to do? It's hateful. As Very Mary Kate would say "its freezing cold under all these layers." I may be wrapped up in my faux fur blanket while writing this post. Blankets and throws, you can never have too many. Year round my living room sports two but in the winter I make room for a couple more. This plethora of blankets helps to maintain optimal coziness while lounging in the evening (or even while I'm working at my desk) and also ensures that when guest are over they, too, can wrap up if they so choose. 

But not just any throw will do, I definitely have my favorites in terms of comfort and quality. A year round go-to is my Herringbone Throw from Brahms Mount. Friends fight over who gets this throw when I'm hosting movie nights. Made in Maine, these woven cottons come in a variety of colors and neutrals. I've been eying this larger blanket for my bedroom, too.

Woolen throws and blankets from Fairbault Woolen Mills Co., hailing from Minnesota, are another favorite. Especially for the doldrums of winter. Their Trapper Wool Throws and Box Weave Wool Throws are personal favorites, reminding me of the old wool blanket I used on my bed when I lived in Scotland. I'm also loving the throws from their collaboration with Target, especially the Port Stripe throw.

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Thursday, November 20

Bedside Vanity

I'm willing to bet at one point or another in your life you've had or still have a small bedroom. This doesn't mean you have to give up the allure of the dressing table. That lovely little space that holds make up, perfumes and other bits and baubles for your morning and evening daily routine. Instead of sacrificing this beauty epicenter, make your bedside table work double-time! I've been hoarding images of this strategy for a while. If I implemented this on my side of the bed my earrings wouldn't have to perch precariously at my bedside when I forget to remove them before hoping in bed at night. 

I love the modern, acrylic stool paired with the vintage washbasin in this bedroom. It reminds me of a similar small table currently residing in my room at my parent's home in Florida. There's already a reading hair next to it but I often want to use it as a desk when I'm there. I may have to borrow this look!

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Wednesday, November 19

Florals for Thanksgiving Tables

With Thanksgiving a week away, I'm gathering ideas for table arrangements. I'm exited to have a reason to hit up the local flower markets and play with gorgeous flowers, it's been far too long! I've never been a true fan of the traditional reds, yellows and browns associated with Thanksgiving table settings so I'm branching out, literally, with my choices; olive and eucalyptus branches, thistles, and some kind of mixture of white flowers. Perhaps anemones or ranunculus or even some variegated ornamental kale, we'll see what looks good next Wednesday at sunrise. I think this naturalistic approach to the table flowers will be a nice foil to my brother and sister-in-law's heirloom silver, crystal and gold-rimmed china. Maybe I'll get ambitious with place cards, maybe not.

And when the party's over for the more delicate blooms, I plan to repurpose my olive branches and thistles into wreaths for Christmas decorations. Genius, no? My inner Scottish Lass is very exited for all the thistles! How do you plan to dress up your holiday table? 

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