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Wednesday, September 17

A Shelf Above

A little trend has been catching my eye recently among images on Pinterest and Instagram. A single shelf displaying little curations of artwork and meaningful decorative objects resting above the headboard.  It's such a wonderful little addition of interest to a minimal or neutral bedrooms in the town or country. It's also a terrific way to keep those little beside necessities, such as alarm clocks and books, nearby when there's little room for side tables. I should perhaps add a somewhat obvious caution that this is best avoided by those living in earthquake zones. 

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Tuesday, September 16

Hello Again, Again.

Why, hello there. It feels like ages since I last wrote a blog post, forty-one days to be exact. If you're reading these one, thanks for sticking around. I don't quite know where my motivation for blogging went this summer but it sure did take an extended vacation I was not anticipating. So here I am, hitting reboot. And what better way to launch into another season of blogging or working (studying, for that matter, if you're lucky enough to still be a student) than refreshing your workplace. Whether it be your desk at work, your dining room table at home or the bag you bring with you while you take up residence in a local coffee haunt. Here are some spaces that had me at hello...

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Wednesday, August 6

Magazine Mayhem


Lately it seems that every time I turn around my neat little stack of magazines and catalogs has grown exponentially into a messy mass ready to take over my coffee table. Does anyone else have this problem? Theoretically, I like the idea of disguising this plethora of glossies within my living room decor like these images suggest. Stack them in a basket near a lonely chair. Mask that ugly radiator under a window. Create a piece of art next to a fireplace. But would my OCD allow me to have such decor? Probably not. How do you tackle printed publications? 

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